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 Dear HIUS members,

The Herricks School was established in 1813, making it one of the oldest in Nassau County. It was named after Herricks Path, a path that existed as early as 1659. By 1898, the Herricks School was one of Nassau County's last single-room schools. The High School opened in 1958 and had its first graduating class in 1960. In 2013, the Herricks School District celebrated it's 200th anniversary. When school starts achieving the highest goals, it starts attracting good community and being one of the most literate and richest minorities, we Indians chose Herricks school district making it one of the greatest neighborhoods in Long Island. 
Herricks Indo-US Community was founded in the year 2002, with the mission to help the Indian community to understand the school system, to contribute towards the school’s success, to encourage active participation in community events, bring awareness of Indian culture and enhance communication with the entire Herricks community, and one of the vital agenda is to promote and support the school budget every year.

Like every year in 2016 we celebrated spring festival, navratri festival and gave out scholarships to three deserving Herricks high school students who showed exemplary contribution towards Indian culture.

With immense pleasure, I, Iqbal Akhtar, introduce myself as the new president elect for year 2017. In the past I have served HIUS as an executive member for several years. It is with utmost pleasure I announce the following executive board members for the year 2017, who have selflessly come forward to serve the HIUS and Herricks community and the upcoming events:

President: Iqbal Akhtar, P.E.
Vice President: Sandip Parikh, MD
Vice President Milan: Rajesh Patel, MD
Secretary: Mayank Patel, MD
Treasurer: Vijay Shah, MD
Co-chair Scholarships: Arunabh Talwar, MD
Co-chair Navratri Festival: Mr. Manish Desai
Co-chair Spring Festival: Ms. Baljinder Singh
School Liaison: TBA
Navratri Committee: TBA

Upcoming Events for 2017:

Every Friday: Milan (Sr. Citizens Program)@ Clinton G. Martin Park, 10:00AM to 2:00 PM

May 13th, 2017: Spring Festival @ Herricks High School, 04:30 PM to 6:30 PM

June 09th, 2017: HIUS Scholarships @ Herricks High School 9:00 AM onwards.

October 02, 2017: Career Awareness Fair

September 23, 2017: Navratri-Dandiya Raas @ Herricks High School

September 30, 2017: Navratri-Dandiya Raas @ Herricks High School

October 28, 2017: Holiday Party/Milan Fundraiser @ TBA

I look forward to seeing you at all our upcoming events and take this opportunity to wish you a successful year ahead!


Iqbal Akhtar, P.E.
President, HIUS


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