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As Gandhi says, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”  It is important that as human beings we step up as responsible global citizens and make a difference. The first step in this direction is giving back to the community which we live in-'Herricks'.

Founded in 2002,Herricks Indo US Community (HIUS) continues to be an important part of the Herricks village.  We have continued to uphold our mission - that of helping our members understand the workings of the school system, encourage active participation in it, bring about awareness of Indian culture and enhance communication with the community at large. In 2009, HIUS, in association with the Town of North Hempstead , initiated the 'Milan Senior Program' for the seniors of the South Asian descent.  The program is held on a school calendar basis, once a week, every Friday.  The goal of the program is to bring out seniors who tend to lead isolated lives due to cultural and linguistic barriers and help them integrate with the senior community at large. This addition has really brought exuberance to the lives of our seniors and strengthened the community bond.

The year 2016 is packed with a lineup of exciting events, such as, Health Fair, Spring Festival, Navratri, and Diwali celebrations. We welcome you to share any ideas that you may have or reach us if you are willing to volunteer at any event. ‘None of us are perfect but together we are fantastic.’   We look forward to your support and participation.

President : Dr Mayank Patel

Spring Festival 2016

May 7th, Herricks Middle School










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